Go Green Eco Tips

Energy Efficient Appliances

When it comes to running a household and keeping it clean, the environment and your wallet will benefit when you use as little energy as possible. That doesn’t mean sacrificing the quality of your work, though.

Energy efficient appliances are built to do just that: get the job done without compromise, while also using the absolute minimum amount of energy that’s necessary.

For example, dishwashers and washing machines.

Even if you choose a setting on your regular washing machine for a light load, it still uses more energy than what’s necessary.

Yet, when you do the same household chore with an energy efficient machine, it uses even less energy while still cleaning. Thanks to new technology, your clothes may even come out cleaner with the energy efficient machine.

The less energy you use, the smaller your electric bill will be and the less impact you’ll have on the environment. Whenever you run an electrical appliance, energy is created and has the potential to harm our environment.

Since more and more people are looking for ways to go green, you’ll also add significant value to your home. Possible homebuyers will see that your appliances are better for both the environment, and their wallets.

To put your environmental impact into perspective, your greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced to about 130,000 pounds for the life of your energy efficient appliances. Not to mention the Energy Star program has reduced emissions by 2.4 billion tons.

Even something as simple as a ceiling fan can help you go green. Many people already use them to save money on air conditioning.

If you don’t already have a ceiling fan in your home, consider installing one and you’ll find yourself using less air conditioning. Better yet, install an energy efficient one and really save money!

Thanks to the internet and wireless technology, appliances like thermostats can now be controlled remotely.

This means that you can increase or decrease the temperature of your home, regardless of where you are.

No more high energy bills because the heat was left on when nobody was home. Simply upgrade your current thermostat to a smart one.

These are just a few suggestions on the types of energy efficient appliances you can have installed in your home. Do a quick internet search or visit your local appliance store to see other ways to go green.